Cloud Ecosystem

The agility and flexibility of operating in the cloud enable new ways of doing businesses, and the pathway that leads companies to a better anticipation of market demands as well as to accelerate innovation. From migration to cloud management and optimization we guide businesses throughout cloud strategy adoption for maximum potential leverage.


Solution Proposal

Cloud environments deliver scalability, swiftness, and a diversity of functions to deploy a new generation of apps. In Cirion, we enable an integrated solution ecosystem in tandem with the main market players to integrate IaaS, PaaS, SaaS services, security and content with safe processing solutions in our Data Centers.

Predictability and High Capacity

Our Cross Connect, Cloud Connect and CDN proposals streamline data flow and security, thereby  reducing apps. response times and improving content playback

Cross Connect

Connect with customers, business partners and digital content providers within Cirion’s ecosystem

Cloud Connect

Private and safe connectivity to public clouds


170 Tbps edge capacity content delivery network in 95 cities

Simplify hybrid environments operation with an ideal data processing architecture

Bare Metal Cloud

Immediate availability and dedicated equipment self-management


18 carrier-neutral Data Centers strategically distributed throughout the region

Dynamic Enterprise Computing

Set of on-demand computing resources

Cirion Technologies solutions Migration Cloud Progress

Total data control and availability, anytime

Storage & Backup

Optimal information storage and backup

Cirion Technologies solutions Data Center Hybrid Cloud Dynamic Enterprise Computing

We protect our customers’ data with cutting edge tools, robust processes and the best team of professionals

Cloud WAAP

Our Web application security service is improved with APIs and Bot’s protection

DDoS Mitigation & Network Protection

Smart protection and mitigation against Denial of Service attacks

Cirion Technologies solutions Hybrid Work Owned Network

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