DDoS Mitigation & Network Protection

Cyberattacks become increasingly frequent and sophisticated as minutes pass by

Minimize downtime and bolster overall network and application performance with multiple layers of defense. Turn up your protection in a few minutes with our experience and this solution.

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  • Automatic delivery of rules to the Cirion backbone for highly scalable, global mitigation.
  • Hybrid deployment available by integrating DDoS mitigation premises equipment via cloud signaling for local decryption capabilities.
  • 24 hours support.
  • Carrier-agnostic protection: supports Cirion or third-party connections for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic with options for IP VPN Direct, Cirion Internet Direct and GRE clean traffic return.
  • Defense against application layer attacks with bot management solutions and Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Flow-based monitoring for early detection and notification of attacks by Cirion network edge routers, or customer edge router.
  • Automated detection and response stopping DDoS bot traffic at the network level.
  • Countermeasure updated by Black Lotus Labs every 15 minutes.
  • 1 second time to mitigate after most attack traffic hits scrubbing centers.

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