Inspiring a sustainable future

At Cirion we are committed to sustainable growth and creating a positive impact in our communities by aligning our purpose with the Sustainable Development Goals.

This report aims to provide further details on our ESG strategy at Cirion and assesses our progress based on renewed commitments.


“Through our long corporate history, we have learned that an appropriate ESG strategy not only involves reducing socio-environmental impact, but also involves the creation and commitment to a sustainable, inclusive business model, aligned with our corporate values and business integrity standards”

Facundo Castro
CEO Cirion


We Inspire Sustainable Development

We are committed to sustainable growth and to the creation of a positive impact in our communities by aligning our purpose with our Sustainable Development Objectives.


We Inspire Security

Cybersecurity is key for our economy, environment and human rights. We guarantee data protection and integrity of our services.

We inspire Transparency

We are committed to transparency and ethics across our operations. We firmly believe that doing the right thing and acting with integrity are essential to our long-term success.


We inspire Diversity

We value and celebrate all types of diversity. Our goal is creating an inclusive and respectful environment where everyone is able to thrive and reach their maximum potential.

We Inspire Environmental Value

Our company innovates passionately, but also mindfully. We are committed to providing technological solutions, respecting and protecting the environment.


We inspire Community

Helping the community is a significant part of our corporate mission, and we are committed to making a positive difference in the communities we serve.