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Migrate to the cloud via a secure and high-performance set of solutions, and the highest security, scalability and connectivity levels.

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General Specifications

  • Possibility of Tier 2 and Tier 3 configuration
  • Cirion is responsible for the whole track (Private MPLS network)
  • Predictability of jitter, latency and packet loss with known values
  • Known recovery times (assured SLAs)
  • The solution can be supplemented with a Network Management portal to provide 24/7 traffic visibility

Shared Connection:

  • Cirion builds an NNI on a CSP, where multiple customers’ VLANs pass
  • Delivery is executed with a VLAN between Cirion Equipment and CSP through a pairing key (service Key) to be delivered by customer Thus, our network interface is aligned with the virtual interface on Cloud-Customer side

Dedicated Connection:

  • It means dedicated connection between customer and CSP
  • Customer needs to generate an LOA (Letter of Authorization) for the chosen CSP and report it to Cirion to establish the applicable cross-connection
  • It’s a tier 2 private channel. Either Ethernet or DWDM
  • Depending on the CSP, 1G, 10G or 100G bandwidths can be assigned


  • Tier 3 service
  • Full-Mesh topology
  • IP/BGP configuration included
  • Cloud behaves like another site of the corporate network.
  • Immediate integration with existing networks
  • Flexible redundant topologies
  • Useful for multi-cloud schemes



  • Tier 2 service
  • End-to-end topology (LAN2LAN)
  • Customer manages routing configuration
  • Simple solution for Data Center connection (Hybrid scheme)

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