Toll-Free Services

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Seamlessly connect with your customers and employees through geographically redundant routing, IP address security, and fraud protection systems.

Cirion Toll-Free Services Benefits

Features and Specifications

IP Long Distance

  • Outbound long distance via domestic United States VoIP network to Cirion for transport to a PSTN via the Cirion national network.
  • Uses SIP signaling protocol.
  • Includes G.711 G.729A and G.729AB CODEC support.
  • Session border controllers (SBC) hardware for customer authentication and firewall protection.
  • Coverage to more than 250 international destinations.
  • Flexible minutes of use pricing to domestic and international PSTN destinations with the option for domestic tiered LATA-based prices.
  • Inbound 1-8XX routed to the VoIP network via SIP signaling and RTP Media Stream.
  • SIP signaling protocol and compatible with G.711 G.729A and G.729AB CODEC.
  • SBC controller hardware for customer authentication and firewall protection.
  • Support for enhanced toll-free features.
  • Origination features include tailored call coverage and shared carrier agreement.
  • Routing features include day, time, geographical routing, GeoPlus and percentage-allocation routing.
  • Busy Ring-no-answer routing, Direct termination overflow, In-switch overflow trunk, and SuperTrunk.
  • Dialed number identification.
  • Alternate call plan routing.
  • Payphone blocking.
  • Toll-free directory assistance.
  • Simple 8XX monitoring and maintenance through Control Center.

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