Amazon Web Services

Cirion and AWS provide a broad portfolio
of managed cloud solutions, with flexible
and secure access

As AWS partners, we have the tools, processes, and experience necessary to help our Customers transform their data management models to obtain the desired pace and efficiency without sacrificing control and security.

Gain direct, secure, and low-latency access to AWS powerful features, as well as to smart information to optimize costs and improve management of your cloud resources.

We can help you design solutions, migrate workloads and offer secure, highly responsive experiences for hybrid cloud applications.

Programs & Skills

AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner

To accompany our customers in their path to technology, we count on a team of experienced, highly-qualified professionals, processes and procedures that are aligned to the best practices in the market, and certification programs that allow us to periodically authenticate our commitment.

Through our AWS services team of specialists, we help our customers migrate to the cloud, maximize efficiency of different workloads, optimize access times, and protect their data appropriately.

We offer customers from government, education, and non-profit organizations the possibility of accessing the dynamic and service versatility of AWS’ cloud while also counting on local billing and specialist support.

As technology partners, we work closely with our customers to help them achieve their business goals.

Customers of AWS cloud services can hire an hourly Technical Account Manager to walk them through the on-boarding process, make recommendations based on CA-generated usage reports, and advise them on best practices applicable to their environment.

Furthermore, you can also delegate administration of your hybrid environment to a single provider, simplifying the operation and freeing your resources to focus on the specific aspects of your business.

Combining Cirion's Cloud Connect with AWS Direct Connect under a private network transport offers benefits such as increased security, performance and reliability when connecting to AWS cloud services, as well as greater flexibility and the ability to scale according to business needs.

Así mismo, tiene la posibilidad de delegar en un solo proveedor la gestión de sus entornos hybridos, simplificando la operación y permitiendo liberar recursos para focalizarse en los aspectos propios de su negocio.

Cloud Operations - Cloud Financial Management

With AWS’ Cloud Operations - Cloud Financial Management certification, Cirion assists your business transformation through cost control and transparency, optimization of financial resources, and forecast planning. 

With Cirion’s Cloud Analytics tool you can consolidate costs in a single platform, organize and adapt financial data for user-defined reports and methodologies according to AWS Framework’s best practices, perform forecast planning and propose resource optimization by managing billing and controlling customer’s costs.

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