Cloud Analytics for AWS

Integrate your business to digital transformation and adapt it to market demands

Our Cloud Analytics platform, integrated to the AWS public cloud services enables us to supplement customers operations with a series of differentiators and value-adds, such as:

Experts at your Service

With our Operations Managed Services, Cirion and AWS customers will benefit from our experts’ guidance -in their role of Technical Account Manager -who, given their experience and AWS certifications will take care of:

  • Answering your queries and consumption/billing reporting.
  • Supporting interpretation and execution of Cloud Analytics’ (CA) recommendations and reports.
  • Guidelines on how to use AWS architecture and services.
  •  Right-sizing Analysis support.

Thanks to our strategic alliance with AWS and the Partner Led Support program Cirion provides their customers with access to AWS Enterprise Support, top support level of said cloud, providing direct technical support or guidance for best practices with the ability to scale cases to AWS directly, if necessary.

Success Cases

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