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Application Management: your Ally to Accelerate Innovation

Our ICT infrastructure managed services and experience in managing critical environments are combined to allow you to get the maximum benefit from your SAP solution and quickly advance on a path of modernization and innovation. Learn More

Our database managed services ensure that a team of subject matter experts monitors and manages your Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database environments, continuously, 24/7. Learn More

Connectivity is more important than ever for the operation of your business. Our managed bandwidth service ensures that critical applications are always prioritized and operating at peak performance. Learn More

We offer you the possibility of generating maximum value for your business through the combination of disruptive technologies, digital capacities, and innovative processes that consider your strategic objectives and take your organization to a new level. Learn More

Companies’ technological landscape tends to become more complex – physical servers coexist with several public and private clouds. Our Managed Service Anywhere (MSA) helps you easily manage applications and workloads in your infrastructure. Learn More

Our unified collaboration and communications managed solutions help you transform your business and provide your workforce with all the communications tools they need to increase productivity and obtain the best results. Learn More

Today, your users need the best connectivity, wherever they are. We offer a managed solution for end-to-end WiFi access, from installation to analytics tools, to support your optimization and improvement decisions. Learn More

With broad experience on infrastructure and applications management in scale, our managed operating system services help you save time, increase productivity, and focus on your business. Learn More

Remote work has been established not only as a trend, but as a reality. Our managed remote office service allows you to face the challenges presented by these new work models, with the best performance and maximum productivity. Learn More

Users should have the best access experience when accessing critical applications, whether from headquarters, from a remote office or from anywhere in the cloud. This is precisely what enables our advanced network management service. Learn More

What does your company do with the excess of data surrounding us? Our managed WiFi Analytics service allows you to capitalize them to become a key asset in decision making, driving your business to a new level. Learn More

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