We help your business keep fluent, high-capacity and low-latency traffic

Cirion Wavelength Services, based on DWDM technology, provide transparent, high-capacity solutions with effective security and adaptable diversity to your business’ needs.

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Characteristics and specifications


  • Fully managed PoP-to-PoP Optic wavelength service
  • Bandwidth of 10Gb, 40Gb, 100Gb and 400Gb (according to availability)
  • Cutting-edge DWDM network technology
  • International, domestic, and metro service connectivity, covering the main Latin American countries
  • One of the best service level agreements (SLAs) in the industry
  • Customized routing to comply with the unique requirements of diversity and disaster recovery
  • Low latency and secured bandwidth
  • Possibility to include Layer 1 Encryption
  • Technology-agnostic for upper layers
  • Protected and unprotected service options
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring includes: network transportation’s alarm fault’s management, surveillance, dispatch, and fix check/follow-up

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