Secure SD-WAN

Unleashes our customers’ network potential
and boosts business evolution

Our Secure SD-WAN solution delivers optimized connectivity, advanced security and simplified management to boost businesses’ digital transformation. This is translated into an improved efficiency, data protection, and growth capacity.

Explore the Benefits of Secure SD-WAN

Dedicated Solutions to Meet your Business Needs

What do our SD-WAN solutions allow?

  • High availability solutions
  • Sites design, configuration and activation. Device and circuit monitoring, and event management. Software/hardware updates and 24/7 support
  • Solution for multiple links (Internet/MPLS) or customer’s owned transport that optimizes network availability
  • Centralized management and visibility for streamlined operations
  • Real-time and historical analytics and reporting featuring network visibility and performance monitoring for latency, jitter, packet loss and MOS
  • Use of VNF in the cloud
  • Advanced, optimized, and granular security integrated with stateful firewalls, Geo-IP based firewall rules, content filtering, IDS/IPS
  • Management and reporting customizable to each need
  • Improved connectivity allows tunnel-free use of links
  • Orchestrator in Cirion premises enables connectivity via Cirion MPLS Network
  • Facilitator that integrates security in all its forms: WAN, LAN, Cloud, among others
  • Integrated security with NG-FW, Geo-IP based firewall rules, content filtering, IDS/IPS
  • Site-to-site auto VPN
  • Intelligent routing and control, including dynamic path selection
  • Support for up to two WAN ports
  • Integration with high performance SD-LAN Meraki solution
  • Possibility to supplement with IoT solutions (cameras, sensors, among other)
  • Cloud-based management
  • Smart controller
  • Edge router
  • vManage network configuration and monitoring system
  • Integration with other Cisco products

  • Scalability: hub-and-spoke or Full Mesh topologies

  • Integrated security with NG-FW, Geo-IP based firewall rules, content filtering, IDS/IPS

  • Possibility of using white boxes

  • Scalable solution, through full mesh, partial mesh or hub-and-spoke

  • Stateful firewall and Geo-IP-based firewall rules include content filtering, URL filtering, IP filtering, and IDS/IPS
  • Orchestrator in Cirion premises enables connectivity via Cirion MPLS Network.
  • Apps accelerations components
  • Easy cloud gateways virtualization
  • Dynamic multipath optimization (DMPO)
  • Application-aware, per-packet link steering, and on-demand remediation
  • Zero-touch deployment with pull or push activation.
  • Rapid provisioning and simplified configuration.
  • Cloud-hosted, multitenant SD-WAN Orchestrator
  • Possibility of using white boxes

Security, Performance and Smart Scalability

Cirion Secure SD-WAN solutions deliver higher network security, optimized performance and simplified management.

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