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We connect your organization with the data, apps, and the right people to take your business to the next level. Our Internet services offer quality and very high speed to connect with clouds, data centers, and edge providers.

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Cirion, as a Gold Verified Peering Partner, offers simple and highly available connectivity solutions to Google services. With Cirion’s global network reach, large on-net building footprint, and massive peering capacity, customers can trust Cirion to manage Direct Peering with Google over dedicated private connectivity with redundancy requirements. Gold tier status ensures verified diverse connectivity to Google, enabling highly available access to Google services. Leave the complexities of Direct Peering to Cirion and enjoy seamless access to all Google services.

Dedicated Solutions to Meet your Business Needs


  • High-quality and high-speed Internet options
  • Full set of high-speed, scalable internet options through Ethernet connections from 10/100 Mbps ports to 100 Gbps ports
  • Access options: Switched Ethernet, Wavelength, and Cross-connections.
  • IP addressing compatible, including dual stacked IPv4 and IPv4/IPv6 options.
  • Flexible routing options, including Domain Name Services (DNS), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), or static routing.
  • Enhanced Cloud connectivity to Microsoft Azure
  • We also provide threshold alert email support
  • Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) in our backbone AS3356.
  • We participated in the initiative Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS), which focused on improving Internet security and resiliency.
  • Our standard network security includes temporary IP filtering through void routes and limited ACL filtering.
  • IP filtering service based on permanent ACL subscription, SLAs and security operation services.
  • 24/7 proactive supervision and mitigation.
  • Optional Security Services available.
  • Backbone connecting more than 20 countries in Latin America and the United States, providing critical end-to-end connectivity with more than 120 Tbps of IP capacity, including more than 48 Tbps of interconnection capacity. 
  • More than 50,000 kilometers of long-haul and metro terrestrial fiber throughout the region, with 36,000 miles of submarine networks and 18 landing stations supporting 5 global submarine systems. 
  • Diverse backhaul options to extend the reach of our IP network. 
  • This allows us to connect more than 350 cities, with more than 11,700 connected buildings and 4600 on-net radio links.

Global Reach, Security, and Speed

We provide high-performance, secure global connectivity for several network architectures.

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