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E-commerce, media, and other large content producer sites require a reliable network to make them grow their businesses. We handle technical features to let you focus on growth.

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Optical Fiber

  • Metro and intercity fiber connecting major Latin American cities.
  • Independent and dedicated NOC for managed dedicated fiber customers.
  • Assured uptime with full prescriptive control on scheduled maintenance.
  • Quick response for logical movements, updates and new meshes.
  • Monitoring of scalability, capacity, technological evolution, reliability and uptime.
  • Detailed designs at a street-level carried out by our team of expert planners to specify routing and optimal features according to the most demanding requirements.
  • Managed Optical Fiber Network (MOFN): supplementary turnkey monitoring service, which allows customers to receive immediate information in the event of any change on their network solution.
  • Construction of outer plant.
  • Network architecture, design and engineering.
  • Equipment selection and acquisition.
  • Network deployment and implementation.
  • Network management and supervision.
  • Field technology services.
  • Dedicated Fiber Optics sold by IRU or leased to the organization.
  • Dedicated Team: we use hardware of your choice, bought directly from the vendor, a reseller or Cirion.
  • Cirion’s professional services include consulting and implementation, monitoring, and field services .

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