Cloud Contact Center

This alternative enables you to take customer experience to a new level while minimizing costs

Leave legacy contact center systems behind and opt for our cloud-based solution, avoiding upfront infrastructure costs. We help you improve your business, particularly customer retention and revenue growth.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Services

Features and Specifications


  • Caller authentication for a personalized, seamless experience and fast resolutions.
  • It enables connections of voice bots, reusable models, and backend systems efficient resolve.
  • Variety of self-service options to ease agents’ workload.
  • Next-gen features include – natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition, sophisticated call progress detection, real-time analytics, and customer emotion detection.
  • Interactions segmentation and ranking based on predetermined business priorities

  • Predictive routing analyzes real-time data to anticipate outcomes and quickly connect customers to a qualified agent

  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) to reduce average customer service and operational costs

  • Optimization to better meet your KPIs

  • Immediate or delayed scheduled callback options so callers can keep their positions in the queue with an offline hold

  • Real-time dashboards provide clear, actionable data throughout channels and resources
  • Customizable dashboards to meet your company's unique needs.
  • Historical information of your calls with comparative context and understanding.
  • Follow-up and analyses of service levels, call times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction, and agent performance.
  • Customized, consistent reporting to connect historical and real-time data.

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