Zoom by Cirion

We offer instant and secure access to the leading video platform and robust network support

Business benefits include enhanced productivity, higher-quality experience for your employees, increased agility and flexibility to meet your customers’, partners’, and vendors’ needs, and a high ROI for your UC&C strategy.

Zoom Delivered by Cirion

Features and Specifications

Zoom Meetings

  • HD video and audio meetings with support for up to 1,000 video participants and 49 videos on screen.
  • MP4 and M4A recording formats saved locally or in the cloud, with AI-generated searchable transcripts.
  • Centralized IT management and remote assistance to simplify deployment and support.
  • Built-in collaboration tools – various participants share their screens at once and co-annotate for highly interactive meetings.
  • Automatic ambient noise cancellation – freedom to work from virtually anywhere.
  • Continuous optimization of audio and video streaming based on network and each device’s performance.
  • Custom meeting configuration options to prioritize content, attendees, or side-by-side view of both.
  • Customized public or private events from 500 to 10,000+ attendees with Zoom Events add-on.
  • Cloud calling integration under the “bring your own carrier” (BYOC) model, and Cirion PSTN and Zoom plans.
  • Transfer, conference, hold and caller ID to simplify placing and receiving calls.
  • Visual and auto voicemail, with speech to text transcription and customized email notifications.
  • On demand call recording with playback available through web, mobile, and desktop apps
  • Easy to view call history, including missed calls.
  • Integration with Office 365 and Gmail contacts, and click-to-dial option in Salesforce.com.
  • Business and after-hours routing.
  • Support for up to 60 calls in queue.

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