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Advances in digital transformation, the adoption of cloud solutions and the disappearance of the perimeter have led devices, data and applications to move beyond companies’ traditional limits. As a result, new risks and threats have emerged, which require the adoption of renovated strategic approaches to ensure safety and efficiency of operations.

In this context, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is presented as an innovative architecture where connectivity and security of WAN, LAN, Cloud and remote access converge in a unified solution. This provides efficient and protected access to all applications, regardless of access location and device.

In a constantly evolving business environment, SASE provides a simple, secure and scalable infrastructure for accessing cloud applications and services, allowing efficient protection and optimized network traffic for organizations.

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SASE Components

Cirion SASE integrates various networking, data management and security products enabling companies to continue leading in a changing and competitive world, while minimizing their risks. These components include

Secure SD-WAN

It’s the foundation on which SASE is built. Network management for a hyper distributed era, ruled by remote work, edges and ubiquitous data access. It provides link optimization, intelligent routing, traffic control, VPN capabilities and app. control

Comprehensive solution delivering access security from multiple devices to the LAN and WiFi network. Provides visibility, device control and analysis, minimizing the attack surface

Protecting your apps in the public cloud calls for the adoption of robust security measures, such as Firewall and WAF combination in the same solution. Using these measures provides comprehensive coverage and decreases risk of malicious attacks and confidential information loss

ZTNA allows users to securely access resources from anywhere, either a corporate network, domestic network, or mobile connection. This is especially relevant in the present hybrid and distributed work environment, where employees can work from different locations through a variety of devices. ZTNA adapts to these changing environments and ensures secured and controlled resource access

Security for your Network, Devices, and Cloud

Integrated solution that combines our global reach presence, cloud connectivity, and metro edge availability for the next gen of network and security services.

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