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Do you need to deliver low latency content and reliably to ensure an improved experience? Cirion CDN is our content delivery network in 95 cities of Latin America and worldwide.

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Stretegic Alliences

With these partnerships, Cirion becomes one of the largest low-latency CDN service providers in Latin America.

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Network Performance and Resilience


  • 200+ edge servers in 24 regional POPs with 13Tbps+ delivery capacity and interconnected to global CDN partners.
  • Strategic server placement within IP backbone at key peering points.
  • Deep edge caching within ISPs.
  •  Advanced peering control as Tier 1 provider to help ISPs correct routing issues.
  • Tiered architecture reduces load and cost of edge server caching.
  • Enhanced cache efficiency through edge clustering, popularity-based caching and request collapsing.
  • Rate limiting options to help ISPs better manage large software download events.


  • Optimized for streaming delivery and software download.
  • IPv6.
  • Optimized traffic localization and routing.

Reliability and Redundancy

  • Continuous improvement of network architecture, topology and configuration.
  • Locally stored configurations in edge nodes in the event of control plan failure.
  • 24/7 regional and global NOCs; local language support.
  • Origin failover to balance traffic between multiple origins
  • Robust connectivity into public cloud origins.
  • Management of SSL, Standard TLS 1.3 certificates, shared TLS certificate.
  • Access control by geo-blocking, token authentication, cloud authentication, proxy and VPN detection
  • Purge control by self-service User Interface and API for invalidations (~60 second propagation delay)
  • Compatible with modern HTTP features (e.g. chunked transfer encoding, range requests)
  • Image optimization.
  • Object pre-fetch.
  • Flexible, software-based origin shield
  • Configuration options and an expression language to control cache rules and expiration
  • Scripting engine to support custom logic (e.g. custom token schemes)
  • Expert support for OVP Platform integration and outsourced OTTs.
  • Native support for low latency MPEG-DASH and HLS
  • End-to-end video workflow support with acquisition (including encoding, packaging, DRM, closed captioning, ad insertion, etc.)
  • Deeply peered global backbone as the first line of defense. Vast visibility to identify new threats and mitigate attacks directly at the network level.
  • Next generation WAF and bots risk Management (BRM) strategically deployed and orchestrated throughout Cirion’s perimeter network, close to where attacks originate.
  • Rapid time to first byte with high-speed egress to Cirion CDN via wholly owned IP network.
  • Built-in data integrity mechanisms and self-repair
  • Secure data with redundant network paths, direct connection to Cirion CDN, and encrypted data transfer
  • Self-service configuration through API, GUI.
  • Log delivery and log streaming to the endpoint of your choice including public clouds (W3C file / JSON)

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